How to Complete the Forms from Legal Claimant Services (VIDEO)

Friday, 1st May 2015

When you engage Legal Claimant Services to guide you through the account recovery process, there are several forms that need to be completed in order to reunite you with your assets. These forms must be filled out accurately in order to be considered valid by the financial institution.

Often times, these Legal Claimant Services forms can appear confusing at first. To help our clients thoroughly and accurately complete their forms, we invite you to watch this short video which will guide you through the process of completing several of the most common forms Legal Claimant Services will provide.

As a reminder, each case is different and your case may require additional forms depending on your particular situation or the type of asset involved. By completing each form accurately and returning them to your Account Executive promptly, the account recovery timeline is shorter and we can reunite you with your assets sooner.

If you still have questions after viewing the authorization forms guide video, please contact your Account Executive for further assistance. They will be glad to assist you with any questions you may have. You can also view the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website.

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