A “20-Year Old Lottery Ticket” from Legal Claimant Services

Wednesday, 24th October 2018

Recent multi-billion dollar jackpots between the MegaMillions and Powerball lotteries has sparked a case of lottery fever across the country. While we didn’t recover a multi-billion dollar jackpot on their behalf, this is a letter we received from one pair of legal claimants we have assisted in our nearly 70 years in business.

This was a windfall they were unaware of. This is the story of their own personal “20-year old lottery ticket.”

My name is Amelia. My brother Caleb and I are reaching out to you to voice how fantastic Daniel Reeves is. It all started April 16, 2018, with a letter I received from Mr. Reeves. Little did Caleb and I know that Dan would become such a big part of our lives from that point forward.

I would like to give you a little back-story. Our mother passed away in 1994. I was 13 years old, Caleb was 8. By a terrible twist of fate, our father was killed in a car accident in 1998. I was 17 and Caleb was only 12 years old. Our Aunt Connie became our guardian, as well as the executor of our father’s estate.

Fast forward TWENTY years, and out of the blue we receive a letter from Legal Claimant Services signed by Daniel Reeves. As you can imagine the first time I talked to Dan, there were a lot of “Oh my gosh!”, “Are you being serious?”, and my favorite, “Dan, you and I are about to become best buddies!”

After the shock of finding out we had a “20 year old lottery ticket” wore off, I explained to Dan that Caleb and I have always done everything 50/50 and that he and I are a team. Dan didn’t skip a beat. He immediately, said “we’ll just schedule a conference call with both of you.”

Little did Dan know, Caleb and I are in different time zones both of us have demanding work schedules. Dan made it happen without a problem. Dan guided us through the paperwork process and we were on our way, or so we all thought. After many emails, phone calls and Dan having to have the Legal Department on speed dial, we found out we needed Aunt Connie’s cooperation because she was still the executor of our father’s estate.

After many frustrating family conversations, Caleb had finally gotten Aunt Connie to agree to sign the contract with Legal Claimant Services. Unfortunately, Caleb had back-to-back meetings that day at work. He emailed Dan to let him know he would be calling Dan in two minutes because he only had 10 minutes to spare in between meetings. Low and behold, Dan picked up the minute Caleb called, answered all of our questions with a quickness and Caleb was on his way again. Finding this type of client service currently is almost unheard of, but greatly appreciated.

If we email Dan, which can be multiple times in a day let alone a week, he is Johnny on the spot. He responds to our umpteen questions within 30 minutes of us pressing the Send button and I do not think there has been one time that I have called him and he didn’t answer phone.

The last six months have been exciting and emotional. Dan has bent over backwards for Caleb and me. We truly value the patience he has had with our trying situation. He has been personal with us and understanding. We are so thankful Dan never gave up on us. Caleb and I wanted to make sure he was recognized for it.

Thank you,

Amelia & Caleb