How We Help

Once it’s determined that one of their account owners is deceased, many banks, transfer agents, insurance agencies, mutual funds, and brokerage firms seek out our assistance, specifically, our account recovery solutions. These companies rely on our expertise to determine who may be entitled to the account and then to locate and contact potential legal claimants. We inform these individuals that an account exists and then offer our services to recover the account for them.

If you have been contacted by Legal Claimant Services it is because we may believe you are entitled to a financial account we have identified.

Rest assured that we are not paid until your claim is successfully completed – and you will never be asked to pay any up-front fees or out of pocket costs. We can help you confirm your entitlement and begin the recovery process over the phone. Please call our toll free number – (888) 876-7635 – and use the extension provided in the cover letter you received from us to speak with the Account Executive assigned to your account.

What Happens Now?

Once you contact us in response to this notification, we can begin the claims process, demonstrate your entitlement, and help you complete the recovery. Your account executive will help you:

Understand how you are entitled– by providing detailed information about the account, as well as research we’ve collected which indicates and proves your entitlement.

Document your entitlement – by obtaining necessary documentation such as court proceedings and vital records.

Facilitate your claim – by submitting the required documentation to the appropriate institution for processing and continuing to maintain contact with you until your recovery is complete. Have questions? Click here to watch a brief video on some of the common forms you may have received.

The goal of our account recovery solutions are to keep the recovery process simple for you by handling any and all administrative issues and associated fees. To learn more about the steps of the account recovery process, click here.